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Febvre distributes a broad range of cooking and baking products to the wholesale, retail and restaurant trades.

Cook au Vin is a premium quality, pre-seasoned cooking wine. It is the long awaited solution to an age-old culinary difficulty as for years chefs have been struggling with the use of wine in cooking due to its high cost. Quality is the most important factor when using wines and spirits in cooking. They must be the right colour, have the right texture and the correct degree of acidity and alcohol. Cook au Vin is designed to combine all the qualities necessary for a wine to cook well.

El Cortijo contains a minimum of 35% high quality extra virgin olive oil blended with vegetable oil. Vegetable oil is neutral in taste and therefore El Cortijo achieves the full flavour of olive oil at a lower cost. El Cortijo is identical to olive oil in colour, taste and aroma and it is 100% natural.

Since its creation in 1981 by a master pastry chef specialised in “Ready to fill” pastries, Mariebel has carried on the tradition of premium pastry products that are made from traditional recipes

Confectioners Products

Mariebel – a range of pastry products including tartlet sable, puff pastry tartlets and Vol-au-Vent Bouchée

Vol Au Vents

Cantalou Pupier Chocolate – dark, milk and white coverture chocolate and cooking chocolate

Others – Glazes, Pure Sugar Cane Syrup, mini fruits and compote.

Cooking Wines

Cook Au Vin – pre-seasoned cooking wines & spirits

Ravel – Savoury & sweet spirits & liquers chosen for their culinary products

Coq Au Vin Cooking Wine


El Cortijo – blended Olive Oil

Romulo – Extra Virgin, Pure and flavoured (garlic, basil or chili) olive oils from Spain

Nut & Seed Oils – a range of oils in flavours such as sesame, walnut, almond, hemp and peanut.


Lerebourg Fruit Purées – available in a selection of flavours including mango, strawberry and passion fruit.

Vinegars & Condiments