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Bodegas Perez Pascuas


Viña Pedrosa’s story begins with Mauro Pérez and the lands that he loved and worked on throughout his life. He was a hard-working and innately intelligent man who taught his children to respect the land and take pride in their work. Today, the winery is on the vineyards that he left his family, in Pedrosa de Duero in the Spanish province of Burgos.

Believing deeply in the huge potential of the family vineyard, in 1980 the Pérez Pascuas siblings decided to found their own winery, pursuing their dream of making top quality wines and keeping the long tradition of winemaking alive.

Viña Pedrosa is now a robust and world-renowned venture involving two generations of enthusiastic wine connoisseurs who give their all to achieving the Bodegas Hnos. Pérez Pascuas goal: transforming the fruits of the earth into the best possible wine.