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Bodegas Pincerna


Bodegas Pincerna is located in the rather small DO León. It was first established in 2007 when it was known as Tierra de León, until 2019 when it became DO León. The DO covers over 3,000 square kilometres of gently undulating fertile plateau just south of the eponymous city of León. It has two very interesting and unique indigenous grape varieties called Albarín and Prieto Picudo. There are only about 70 hectares of Albarín in the world, making it unique and scarce. It is a rare light-skinned grape variety sometimes thought it be the same variety as Albariño, but the two similarly named varieties are genetically distinct. Prieto Picudo, it is a difficult grape to work, as normally the wines are too tannic. However, Bodegas Pincerna use methods to produce delicious wines that are soft and easy to drink. Part of Bodegas Pincerna project has to do with the recovery of abandoned old vineyards, some of which are between 90 to 115 years old and are working towards full organic certification. Their wines are easy to understand and made to be enjoyed. One glass is never enough!