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Cantina La-Vis


Cantina La-Vis is a collective heritage in the heart of Trentino. With 450 hectares of vineyards along the valley of the Adige river, on the surrounding hills and on the typical terraces of the Cembra Valley, Cantina La-Vis counts about 400 members, who meticulously take care of this hilly land with a strong vocation for viticulture. They are proud ambassadors of the uniqueness of their land and the excellent quality of their products.  Founded in 1948, the winery is located in Lavis, in the heart of the Avisian Hills, where the Avisio stream flows down from the mountains as impetuous as nature is in this splendid and bold natural setting.

The vineyards of Cantina La-Vis spread out in a complex three-dimensional configuration, full of mounds, hollows and steep slopes. Different varieties of vines are cultivated on small plots of land. Traditionally, the most common training system is pergola Trentina, despite guyot has also recently been introduced. The altitude of our vineyards, between 200 to 800 metres, guarantees organoleptic richness and intensity, allowing the cultivation of fine, delicate white varieties in the mountains and intense, full-bodied reds on the hills.