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Georges Duboeuf


Georges Duboeuf was born in 1933 in Creches, near the village of Chaintré, in the Poully-Fuissé appellation of France. Pouilly-Fuissé consists of five villages, southwest of the commune of Mâcon, in the central French wine- making region of Burgundy. He was raised on a small farm, where his family owned a few acres of Chardonnay vines. As a child, he helped out on the family farm, cranking the manual grape crusher when he was just six.

Aged 18, he began delivering wine on his bicycle from producers to local restaurants. He began bottling Beaujolais to meet a customer’s commission and went on to form “Les Vins George Duboeuf” in 1964, which he still oversees with his son Franck, and which includes wines from Beaujolais, Mâconnais and Southern France.

Georges Duboeuf represents over 400 wine-growers in the Beaujolais region. Georges Duboeuf is known for its popularisation and production of Beaujolais wines, leading to Duboeuf’s nickname of Le Roi du Beaujolais (The King of Beaujolais) or sometimes Pape du Beaujolais (Pope of Beaujolais).The wines are renowned for their quality, value and consistency.