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Located in La Font de la Figuera, in the interior of the province of Valencia, Spain. It is a unique site influenced by both the Mediterranean and the Continental Climates. Each brings its own characteristics to vegetative development and favours with a slow balanced ripening process.


They practice an ethical and sustainable organic approach without the use of chemicals to protect the vines from diseases. This is due to the Mediterranean and Continental climate with low rainfall and hot summers. The landscape is surrounded by vineyards, olive trees and almond trees. The winery has been built following all sustainable standards. Grapes are growing with loving care and dedication, the traditional sustainable way, maintaining the natural balance of the soil and never using fertilisers. The soil in the vineyards brings personality to the wines thanks to the balance between clay, sand, gravel and limestone; ideal soil for growing grapes, both rugged and obliging.


From the vine to the label, creativity is crucial. The label reflects the winery’s personality. A mould-breaking design for a bottle is not much use is the wine is not also a mould-breaking wine. They are a different winery with a different mentality, focused in the quality of the wines and showing that the wines can be enjoyed by everyone.