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Mazzetti d’Altavilla, historical producers of fine Grappa, entered in magic Balsamic Vinegar world in a real singular way. They say that Felice Mazzetti (1901/1981) had known and fallen in love with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena during his many travels to Vignola (Modena) to purchase cherries necessary for his production of fruits in spirits. His son Franco inherited the same passion and started the real distribution of this product, mainly on foreign markets. Nowadays the Mazzetti Family carries this activity on with proud and unchanged passion, which made “Mazzetti L’Originale” quality and brand famous all over the world. The particular attention the “Mazzetti L’Originale” has for quality derives from the need to ensure an excellent product for their customers, and also from the Mazzetti passion and respect for their products which is still unchanged since 1846.

We have a large range of Mazzetti products available including Rustica 5, Antica 10, Liberty Sprays, White Vinegar, Glazes and Cremosa.